The Bucer Institute is blessed to have a number of gifted and willing men who are eager to teach and work through the scriptures and issues facing the church together in a community together.

James B. Jordan

Rev. James B. Jordan teaches Old Testament Survey for the Bucer Institute. He has been instructing at the Bucer Institute since its inception and teaches each semester at the Bucer Institute.


J. Steven Wilkins

Pastor Steve Wilkins teaches the Church and Culture Series with Duane Garner. He also oversees scheduling and curriculum for the Bucer Institute. for the Bucer Institute.


Rich Lusk

Pastor Rich Lusk teaches the New Testament Survey Curriculum. He and Pastor Jeffrey J. Meyers have shared this responsibility past semesters.


George Thompson

George Thompson teaches Church History for the Bucer Institute. Mr. Thompson's animated and enthusiastic approach to the history of the church brings a connective approach to the finer points of church events throughout the past two thousand years.


John Barach

Pastor John Barach teaches Old & New Testament Theology courses. He is the most recent addition to the regular faculty at the Bucer Institute. He was brought on as a regular faculty after guest lecturing several times at the institute.


Duane Garner

Pastor Duane Garner teaches the Church and Culture Series along with Pastor Steve Wilkins. Past classes have included topics ranging from music to militarism and how that affects the larger church.