Pronouncing Bucer:

Bucer, sometimes spelled Butzer, can be pronounced either "bootser" or "byootzer."

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About Us

The Martin Bucer Institute for Biblical Studies exists to provide advanced biblical training to men and women within the context of the fellowship, oversight, service, and worship of the church.

Our Purpose

The Bucer Institute seeks to continue the reformation of the church by emphasizing the importance of biblical theology, covenant sacramentology, theocratic sociology, historical reformed ecclesiology and a robust liturgy. Study tracks are available for both men and women who want to be engaged in ongoing formal study of the Scriptures and theology as well as those who are preparing for ordained ministry.

At the Bucer Institute, all students are offered the chance to interact in intimate settings with some of the church’s leading writers, theologians, pastors and teachers. Our faculty and guest faculty includes such names as James B. Jordan, Rich Lusk, Doug Wilson, Peter Leithart, Doug Jones, Mark Horne, Norman Shepherd, John Armstrong, George Grant, Jeff Meyers and, Steve Wilkins.

The Bucer Institute is not a seminary, but does provide ministerial students with the unique opportunity to study and train within a covenant community. This allows students to not merely theorize about working, serving, relating, and worshipping within the church, but to actually take part in the day-to-day life of the body with many opportunities for putting those theories to practice.

Our History

The Bucer Institute was founded in the Summer of 2007 out of a desire to fulfil a need for further study of the scriptures and issues facing the church. The model of the Bucer Institute is designed for those seeking further study in advance of the ministry as well as those who seek to grow in the knowledge of the Lord. It was never designed to be a seminary, rather it was fashioned to assist the church in the work of training men and women to know and delight in the law of Yahweh.