In an effort to make our resources more accessible to you, we have compiled a list of common questions.

"I Want to listen to your weekly sermons. How do I do that?"

We offer our "Weekly Sermons @ Auburn Avenue" in podcast form. You can "subscribe" to this podcast for FREE. We recommend using the Free Program available for Windows and Mac Computers respectively. This free software is iTunes. Visit our Podcasts Page and you will see the links to all our podcasts.

"What is a Podcast? Is that the same thing as an MP3?"

Podcast is a merging of the words "ipod" and "broadcast." Podcasts come in audio and video formats. Podcasts are unique in that you can "subscribe" to them and receive them on your computer and then transfer them to your iPod or MP3 player. You subscribe to our podcast, for instance, and receive all of the weekly sermons when they come out. You are notified when a new episode becomes available and you can download and play the MP3 file. MP3's are a type of audio file or sound byte that is compressed to make it easier to store and transfer over the internet. MP3's are the most common type of audio file that is used in podcasts.

"How can I listen to MP3's?"

When you "download" (or save) an MP3 to your computer you can access and play it with just about any media player (i.e.-Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Dell Jukebox, WinAmp, and others) that your computer has. Or, as we have mentioned in previous answers, you can open and play it in the iTunes Media Player you have on your computer. If you would like to listen to it away from your computer, you can load it onto your iPod or other type of MP3 player and you are ready to listen to it while working around the house or walking in the neighborhood. If you are saavy enough, you can "burn" the MP3 file on a Audio CD and play it in most CD players in your home or car.

"When I order an MP3 of a lecture, how long can I download it?"

When you order mp3 files from us, you have 48 hours from the time of purchase to download them. After that the download is disabled. This is a very common practice with ordering digital media online. So when you order, be sure that you will have time to download the files before the 48 hours is ended.